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Half Top Knot - NOT!

Geeta Bedi

Hello MyThairpy Fans!

Why are we all so hung up on wearing what celebrities are, doing our hair the way they do, talking like we are one of them... basically trying to live our lives exactly like them. People! We cannot pull off half of what celebrities can. A lot of what they do is for shock value and for publicity. OK - the half top knot for example. JLO came up with it first and then the Kardashian's. Come on ladies, JLO can seriously shave her head and we all would accept it. You try it and not so much.

Last week a beautiful friend of mine walked up to me with a half top knot. She asked, "what do you think?".My reaction why honey, WHY (yep don't ask if you don't want the truth)? A half top knot looks like someone took a poop on your head... or you where to lazy to do your hair, so you gave up half way thru... and makes you look messing and un-kept. Remember when Blake Lively had the crazy messy hair in Gossip Girl. Try walking out of the house with that kinda look... YOU CAN'T PULL IT OFF! You'd look like you just got outta bed and walked out. Trust me... I tried it ;-).

I know we all love our celebs.  But can we agree on letting the half top knot stop with JLO? 

P.S. Oh and my friend went out and got the same reaction from others. Yep she will not be half top knotting anymore.