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Let's mix-up those colors this summer




Let's mix-up those colors this summer

Geeta Bedi

Hello Fans!

I like to break the rules. It's been a problem since I was 3 years old. My husband get's so annoyed with me as he is such rule follower. So of course I have to break fashions rules as well.

There are so many beautiful colors all around us and what do we do stick to the same old same old or do matchy matchy color schemes.  Here are a few colors that most people would never imagine wearing together.  Seriously try them, you'll be amazed by how great they look.

Blues with greens, pinks with turquoise, greens with oranges & oranges with pinks.

You can mix and match them with scarfs, jewelry, shoes. They don't have to exclusive to clothes. 

Try it you will be amazed. Cheers to breaking the rules!